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What does "stromal hyalinization" mean?

I got my pathology report back today and says I have "stromal hyalinization with stromal calcification." I know that stroma is supportative tissue in the breast, and I know that calcification is a hardening of tissue due to calcium deposits, but the rest is clear as mud. I've tried searching on-line but come up blank. Except for articles that are written WAY above my scientific understanding. I need something in English.

I was also given a BI-RADS category of 3 - "probably benign."  I must admit, I'm not too comfortable with the whole "probably" thing. They recommend a follow-up mammogram in 6 months, but it is going to KILL me to wait that long. What can I do in the mean time? (Other than self exam.)

Speaking of which, my breast is really lumpy where they did the biopsy. Will is always be that way? I guess I assumed that it was just the body's way of dealing with the biopsy. Considering the whole cancer possibility I'm feeling like I shouldn't assume anything right now. Should I be alarmed at the lumpiness?

Anything anyone has to share with me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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Hi. Stromal hyalinization indicates scarring, usually due to a benign tumor called a fibroadenoma.
There is no  diagnostic test that is 100% fool-proof, but the good thing about mammograms is that they are known to have improved outcomes since 1990             , so we'll have to work within its limitations. A BI RADS 3 indicates that the odds of finding a malignancy is less than 2%. Recommending the follow-up is based on actual cases, including the follow-up periods. A lot of  women receive these reports, if you follow the recommended  annual mammography, there is a 50-50  chance that you'll  get an abnormal mammogram and be asked for a repeat at a shorter time period. More than 90% of the time , these same women are asked to resume the  previous schedule of annually. Aside from self-examination, you may also ask a doctor to examine you during the interim.
The lumpiness is pretty vague,  perhaps its best you have this examined  more so, if you feel a new lump.
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Thanks for the information.
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