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What does this mean

Here is the recap from my mammogram. I do not have an appointment until a week from next Tuesday.  

There are greater than 10 punctate irregular calcifications in the right UOQ at 10:00 posterioraly.

Can anyone give me any insight?

Thank you,
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This means that a group or cluster of calcifications were seen in the upper outer quadrant at the 10 o'clock position ..... you don't state which breast but I'm sure it's on the report. Also you don't mention if a BIRADS score was assigned to your film which is used to indicate the need for further investigation. As a rule a group or cluster of calcifications requires a biopsy of some sort to determine the cause. Calcifications are present normally within the breast tissue scattered about; when they are grouped or clustered they are an indication that the breast tissue is reacting to some abnormality within the breast ..... the cause can be either benign or malignant but needs to be determined. I'm sure your appointment will answer whatever concerns you may have regarding your mammogram results. Regards ....
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I have had 3 stereotactic biopsies on my right breast because of clusters of microcalcifications in the past year, all of which were benign.  The worse part of my experience was what I call the "hurry up and wait" syndrome.  I have found a wonderful breast surgeon that understands that waiting is the worst and from diagnosis to biopsy has been within a week.  Call your doctor and demand an earlier appointment.  Demand is a strong word but it seems to work.
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