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What is a soft tissue density nodule?

During my CT of my chest, they found a 9 mm soft tissue density nodule. Does it mean its cancer? I had papillary microcarcinoma of the thyroid March 27, 2009 and I am worried it might have spread to the breast.
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A mammogram and ultrasound were done last night and won't get results for 48 to 72 hours.
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Only a biopsy of some type could determine if the density is malignant. I'm sure your upcoming reports will clear this up somewhat and if not then depending on those reports a biopsy may be the next step. Thyroid cancer as a rule will (if at all) metastisize to the nearby lymph nodes first ... then possibly to other organs like the lungs or bone.  I wouldn't jump to any conclusions just yet; if that's possible.    Take care .....
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Lump was found to be a simple cyst and they want to recheck it in 6 months. The thing that worried me was that I do have a lymph node up in the same place that was up when they found the thyroid cancer and I also have a mass on the right side of my trachea with pain. My Endo has told me to keep an eye on it and watch and see if it grows anymore.
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That's good news about the cyst ..... the other issue of course is a seperate one unto itself. Often when a lymph node becomes enlarged it never goes back to a "normal" size but I'm confident that your Endocrinologist will keep an eye on things in that area.    Regards ....
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