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What is architectural distortions?

I had a mammogram that showed up architectural distortions.  They gave me a birad rating of 4. Next I had an ultrasound that showed nothing. Now they want me to have a biopsy.  If nothing showed on the ultrasound, looks like they would wait and do a recheck later instead of a biopsy
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These are clinical features that could indicate breast cancer on a mammogram. It's a good sign that they didn't find anything on the ultrasound, but I'm confused what they want to biopsy if nothing showed on the US, and they said if nothing showed on the US, they'd wait and recheck?

But my advice, and I'm not a doctor or nurse, is to let them biopsy it, if you have any questions on this. You have a birad of 4, and it's better to know than wait and wonder.

These may help explain this:




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