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What is causing both breasts to leak the last few months and now it has turned bloody?

Is this cancerous,is it a side effect of fibromyalgia.....?

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Most nipple discharges are caused by benign conditions, such as duct ectasia or benign papillomas.
Discharge from the breast, when nipples are squeezed,increases the Prolactin hormone level and the more you squeeze the nipple the more the discharge will continue.
When to be alarmed about the discharge is when it happens only on one side, comes out spontaneously( without squeezing),is persistent, bloody or clear and sticky like egg white.
If your nipple discharge is spontaneous or not,I would advise you to be seen by a breast Specialist.The bleeding may represent an intraductal papilloma, cancer, (I doubt cancer though,since it's happening in both your breasts) or just fibrocystic changes.You will need a mammogram and possibly other tests,but please be sure to have it checked out.The odds are in favor of being a benign process but even with the small chance of malignancy, if treated early it is entirely curable.
Best wishes..
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