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I've had the lump removed.  According to the surgeon, who has been at this for quite some time, my breast was full of scar tissue making it difficult to distinguish the tumor.  As is, lumpectomies usually result in a follow up surgery to remove the remaining cancer.  I see the surgeon tomorrow 10/10 to discuss the results from the lab.  I'm curious if my best course of action would be a full mastectomy.  I shudder at the thought of another surgery only to find that I still have cancer.  The surgeon will not perform three partial mastectomies.  Has anyone got some advice on which course I should take.  What happens either way with Chemo and radiation.  Will I still be able to continue work.   I've filed FMLA but my vacation and sick time are almost used up.

Anybodies experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Cindy
I am going thru chemo now and i have used up all my sick leave also i can't work because of feeling so wiped out and iam tried all the time. It depends on how you feel when you are going thru chemo some people work some can't. I had a  my lump removed  and tissue around it the Doctor told me the results came back and he got it all. the reason i have to have chemo and rad because of one limpnote that was infected. no one can tell you whats best for you. I asked my Doctor if it where him what would he do. and took his advice. Good luck with everything and if you need to talk i will be here for you God Bless.

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Some contra-indications to lumpectomies would include large tumors, or tumors with satellite or separate nodules, pregnancy (because of the contraindication for subsequent radiation therapy), and inflammatory breast cancer.  However, there can still be a lot of other reasons aside from these, and the decision will really depend on the comfort levels and the skills of the surgeon.  In your situation, the scenario of scar tissues impeding adequate lumpectomy can be the reason to pursue a mastectomy.

Mastectomy will be a much more extensive procedure but this should not set you back from your work as you have in mind.  Women who underwent mastectomy would be able to go back to wrok as early as 2 weeks after the procedure.

With mastectomy, radiation is not mandatory.  Radiation will just be given if you have positive nodes.  The decision to give chemotherapy is not dependent on the type of surgery done but will depend on the tumor characteristics and stage.

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