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What’s causing my breast pain to come and go ?

I’ve been having breast pain during my monthly period for a while now but a few other symptoms have been bothering me. First I suffer from dandruff caused by dermatitis and sometime experience in my eyebrows. Weird I know. Last month I got a rash between my breast and chalked it up to dermatitis and treated w the shampo and cortisone. It’s been coming and going but seems almost gone. However now my breast pain is back. Of course I googled eveyrhing and convinced myself I had inflammatory BC. But I dumpling orange peel or nipple issues. And the rash is under my breast skin and went down torso and other side. Now I’m really freaked out so I feel like my shoulder hurts and underarm. Am I making myself crazy and feel these things or is it legit? Also cooks my skin issues be connected ? I was in a terrible car accident years ago and suffer from arthritis and neck issues so back shoulder pain that radiates is not uncommon for me at all. I have done daily breast self exams and no lumps bumps no warmth in the arm areas. No swollen lymph nodes but I’m like so scared. Are these symptoms related or am insane any help is so appreciated
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I am sorry that you are having this fear and these issues!  Please know that checking with a doctor is always best.  When is the last time you had your annual well check visit? That would be an excellent time to discuss breast tenderness.  As you know, that is common as our hormones fluctuate. And so are skin issues.  Estrogen, for example, is very intertwined in our skin.  As it fluctuates throughout your cycle (and your life time), you will see effects. Estrogen keeps our skin hydrated and helps with its elasticity and oil production.  Progesterone is another hormone as it fluctuates that can impact skin.  In coordination with estrogen and androgens, fluctuations of progesterone can lead to acne, dermatitis, and pigmentation.   I would imagine that a doctor may check your hormone levels to make sure there is no imbalance as well.

Rashes under the breast can be caused by heat very often.  That crevice is hot and warm.   Here are some other causes of rash under your breast.  https://www.healthline.com/health/skin-disorders/rash-under-breast.  Cancer is listed also in this article and I know that is your main concern. I do suggest you go to your doctor to rule that out but your description does not sound like this is going to be the outcome.  The symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer are as follows:
-pink or red skin discoloration
-pitted skin often described as looking like an orange peel
-pimple-like rash
-an inverted nipple that points inward rather than outward

Remember that inflammatory breast cancer is rare.https://www.cancer.gov/types/breast/ibc-fact-sheet  Again, your symptoms do not seem to match but please speak to your doctor. Let us know if that is possible.  
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I also would like to say that I am very sorry to hear about your accident as I think something like that can be traumatic and certainly could lead to health anxiety.  I hope that your ongoing chronic pain is controlled.
Thank you so much for the response. I have not had an annual well visit in 3 years and am going to call into my gyno on Monday and take care of that ASAP. I get so paralyzed by fear. I also do not currently have health ins and it’s a ways away for open enrollment. Thank you for the site references and also the info. Makes me feel somewhat better. My husband just tried to pinpoint the shoulder pain and is pretty sure it is a tendon and possibly a side effect of car accident. I have been managing the pain thru just stretch, physical therapy, acupuncture and exercise. Recently the last month I have been going extra hard on an home bike and maybe I strained myself doing this. None the less I do need to go get it checked. Thank you again
I certainly understand the fear that we can develop over health issues especially after we've been through a prior scare of some sort like your accident.  I'm glad you have the support of your husband and you aren't afraid all by yourself about this.  I agree that the pain sounds involved in muscles and tendons.  Remember that breast cancer usually doesn't start out with pain.  I think you are going to feel better once you've made the call to your doctor to examine you.  Once the call is made, rest easy as I think this should turn out fine but understand that until your doctor says so, you may be worried. Do some deep breathing, stay busy and distracted and again, I do not think this sounds like cancer at all.  Please let me know when you have your appointment set up.  
I think once I got the rash and then accompanied by the breast pain it just put me over the edge. So when my shoulder started hurting im like great not only do I have cancer but it’s metastasized to my bones .. lymph nodes. I am so not a usually like this either I don’t know what it is ... and yes !!!!  I am very grateful for his support and a place like this with someone like you to help. I will keep you updated
Yes, please let me know and give yourself some TLC right now.  
Sooooo my gyno thinks it’s shingles. He did a full panel blood and pap so I’m 100 up to date and should hear something Tuesday hopefully and if it is he will prescribe acloycler or something similar. It’s not blistering so I guess that’s why I over looked it. But it does kinda check my boxes. Never been so grateful to hear something like that.
Oh, that's great news!  My mind didn't go that way but yes, it makes sense now.  That's truly great and I'm glad cancer is off the table.  Best of luck to you and hope you stop by our site more in the future. We have lots of forums!  Take care
I would’ve never guessed either! I absolutely will !

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