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White bump on areola and breast pain

    I have a raise red bump with white in the middle on my areola. Looks like a puss filled pimple. I'm not pregnant and Ive never had anything like this before. Ever since I quit breast feeding my daughter I've been getting breast pain. Its starts about 2wks before my menstruation cycle and last until  2 days after I start. The pain is getting more severe. I'm scared that I might be getting cancer. I have felt no lumps. I have no ins. Should I be worried of cancer or could it be some hormonal thing?
Thank you
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Dear Shelleyfish79:  Skin on the breast and areola is like skin anywhere else on the body and is subject to a variety of abnormalities including pimples.  It is also possible that you have identified a little sebaceous gland which secrete a whitish oil and are a normal part of breast anatomy.  If this becomes worse, you can have your doctor take a look.  Regarding the breast pain, it is not at all uncommon for women to experience breast pain mid menstrual cycle that resolves with the menstrual cycle.  Certainly, hormones can contribute to breast pain.
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