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White lump on my breast, what could it be??

About a month ago i noticed a single white lump on my breast. It sometimes tingles and itches and has not gone away, if anything it has gotten bigger. My mom is making me a doctors apt. but I am nervous it could be breast cancer. What do you think? Im only a teenager and I don't know if breast cancer runs in my family. What do you think it could be? Could it hurt me? How could it have occured? Please tell me all you know about what I just described.
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If your Mother is making your Dr.s appointment then  I don't think you need to be worrying about breast cancer at your age.  All those questions you have asked need to be answered by the Dr. who can examine your breast as they can't be answered over the internet ...... examination is necessary. I would like to congratulate you for speaking with your Mom about this; many young women (and young men too) hesitate to talk to their parents about this type of problem .....GOOD FOR YOU !!!  Stop worrying now and keep talking to your Mom when you think something isn't right, OK ??    Take care .....
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