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Why does my left breast feel bruised?

why does my left breast feel bruised but there is no bruise visible? When you touch the area it hurts, it feels like you're pressing down on a bruise. It's located on the bottom of my left breast. About 2-3cm. Im 18 and still in school. I go to college classes as well. I have an Anxiety Disorder and have minor depression. I also get severe migraines. Also when I was 14-15 I was diagnosed of my spleen being enlarged. The doctors said that it would do it for the rest of my life but it don't feel like that kind of pain. I started feeling this pain last night. (10/23) ...since then I haven't been able to stop messing with it. It's honestly embarrassing because I do it in class but I want to know if it went away. I have D sized breasts, and I usually have them in a wired bra for support but I had to take them out for my EKG course at the JACC. That was two weeks ago. Any suggestions?
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Thank you for the answer! I have an appointment with my doctor the 11th of November. If it gets any worse Im going to try and get the appointment earlier. Again thank you for answering my question. It worries me a lot that it came out of no where.
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Pain at the bottom of the left breast could be caused by a wide range of reasons.From what you describe,this doesn't sound like breast cancer to me,especially at your age and also because this disease is almost never associated with breast pain..
I don’t think your problem is related to a breast condition.but it could be due to several things. For example,Costochondritis, (chest wall  inflammation) flatulence,ulcer,angina, pulled muscle,acid reflux, stomach inflammation etc...All these symptoms could cause the discomfort you are describing.
If this pain does not go away and particularly because you have an enlarged spleen, I would advise you to consult your doctor to conduct a physical examination and various diagnostic procedures to zero in on the underlying cause.
Best wishes..
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