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Would love exercise tips, ready to go back to the jym

Had Double masc, and on Aug 21st silicone implants.  Feeling much better than the expanders but still am a litle sore and feel tingling.  My left arm takes a long time to untighten lets say and is not 100%  (had a lymph node removed./cancer on the left).   My Dr. said like a guitar string pull and he was right.  I had been working out alot ureing the expander stage but uneasy about how to get back to the swing of things.  I do not mind workout pain but don't know how to get the weight of my thighs and stomach I have gained.  If anyone want to know the process after the expanders and how I felt will be glad to share.  I am so happy with the decisions I have made and althogh it has been a tough journey at times, all in all I must have had a guardian angel and I am feeling so much better.  I think believing in a hgher power when I have to turn it over when times are tough has gotting me thru the worst.  Thanks GM
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Glad to hear you  are doing so well with your recovery and reconstruction!

From my study of nutrition and exercise, and in my personal experience, the stomach responds best to aerobic exercise, even if it's just walking--30-60 minutes/day if you can manage it--and to a healthful diet with lots of fiber ( whole grain breads and cereals, fruits and veggies) and low-fat dairy and other protein sources (mostly poultry and fish, and limiting red meat to once or twice a week).  Prevention magazine often has good articles about healthful and successful weight-loss plans, including the"flat belly" diet.

There are other exercises that can help the stomach, thighs, and over-all weight loss, such as weight-training to preserve or build muscle tissue, which burns more calories that fat, and leads to a better shape (think Michelle Obama's arms!). But walking is something that is inexpensive, doesn't require equipment (other than good walking shoes), can be done either alone or with others, and can be done  by people at all levels of fitness, and even right after surgery. (Years ago, after I had abdominal surgery, my surgeon told me the best thing I could do to aid my recovery was to walk a couple of miles a day. I started walking while I was still in the hospital, and began the two miles per day as soon as I was discharged. I was able to return to work within 10 days, instead of the usual 6 weeks.)

Try these suggestions, and I bet within a month you'll see enough improvement that you will want to continue.

Please write again and let us know how it's going.

Best wishes...
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Thanks for sharing your experience.  I sent a msg to your inbox.


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