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a great battle

I just want to vent. My husband'a Aunt lost her battle 9 days ago. she had been fighting breat cancer now for 25 years. this was her 3rd bout of it. she actually didn't pass away from the cancer so to speak. this last battle started back in Jan. she had more breast cancer then it went ot her throat and to her lung. she was able to get rid of it in her throat and breast, but not her lung. she had pneumonia in Dec. had a pacemaker in Jan. so they decided that since her breast and throat cancer was gone the nest best thing was to remove her lung. they said she had a 99% survival rate with this. she made it through the surgery and just after they closed her up, her other lung filled with fluid and her right side of hte heart shut down casing 2 heart attacks. they waited until her twin arrive to say good bye. Polly gave a good fight for all of those years. and she lived everyday as if it was her last.
she was only 58.
The point is never ever give up. She survived it from 25 years ago, when they didn't have as much knowledge as they do today.
SO to those of you who are affected by breast cancer or any other caner please don't give up stay strong.
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My sincere condolences go out to you and your family.
I had an aunt who fought a lengthy 10 year battle with Breast Cancer that metastasized to other vital organs. The last thing that she told me before her death was "...take care of your health... you don't want to wind up like me." (before her Cancer, she never had annual mammograms plus she ignored symptoms that turned out to be the early signs of Breast Cancer.)
Thank you for sharing your family story and your words of support and encouragement.
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