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a lump after biopsy

hello everyone
I have a strong family history of breast cancer mom and aunt had masectomies, i myself have a long history of papillomas and numerous breast biopies, 3 excisional,2 core, and ductal removals in both, all of the problems mostly with my right breast,until 6 months ago, i had a core biopsy for calcifications and being highly suspicious,came back benign, green fluid still persisted doc wanted to go in excisionally considering family history,he did a major ductal removal, he said i had several benign papillomas,so was very glad he went in, i was in alot of pain from this biopsy which lasted for about a month with some bloody discharge from niplle which my doc told me was normal, but not normal to be in so much pain, might i add he performed all my biopsies on my right breast and ductal excision and never felt like this before,, i never went back for my followup, and since then i have been having a burning stabbing sensation alot more than before my biopsy,there is also no way in this world to get my nipple hard its totally inverted, it was always a litle inverted but on stimulation it would get hard now forget it, there is also a small bb sized lump at the 9 oclock position from my nipple on my areola just underneath the surface of my skin , which i can feel through my clothing,I.m scheuduled to see a different breast surgeon at the end of this month, i called a new one as soon as i felt this lump a few days ago, the lump is about 4 mm and hard i dont know what anyone considers movable, in all myhistory i never felt a lump before,it kind of feels like its in the skin, and i just noticed today that the nipple is alot darker than my right breast, dont know how long its been that way since i hate looking in the mirror at my breast, they r very large, any ideas???????? its ony been 6 months after my excisional biopsy
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Another duplicate post ..... Please post only once and if you have anything to add to your original post, add it as a comment rather that posting multiple times.  Thanks .....
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im sorry i didnt know were to place it
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