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a lump in my breast...

About a month ago I got a new pair of bras, I had only been wearing them for like 2 days when I found a lump inside my right breast. It was only small (about the size of a marble) but it was very sore. The next day it was a lot bigger (about 3-4 times the size) and extremely painful. The whole day I was in a lot of pain. I showed my mum and she said to wait a few days to see if it went away (I know you are thinking that I should have got it checked out, but my family are not big on going to the doctors, so um yeah!!!)
The next day it was much better and it was only sore if I touched it.
Over the next few weeks it slowing got smaller (back to about what it started)
Then just over the few days it seems to be getting slightly bigger, there is still no pain.
It is a reasonably solid lump and is behind my nipple (or maybe a bit higher) at the back of my breast., and it moves around when I touch it.
I thought maybe because I just got a new bra this might have had something to do with it (believe it or not I have just been wearing a training bra! This is my first ‘real’ bra.) Or it could be a total coincidence.
Please could you tell me what you think this might be?

Thanks very much for you time.

Tioni, age 16.
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974983 tn?1248161038
thanks very much,
will try to go to the doctor soon.

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First of all, thank you for stating your age; this is a big help. The lump you found wouldn't be due to the new bras. I suspect it might be a cyst that can come and go in relation to the hormone level in your body. Often these cysts to appear and then go away in relation to your menstrual cycle. I do think it would be a good idea to have it ck.d out by your Dr. though. I would try to see the Dr. when the lump is at it's largest or most painful. It is always advisable to have anything concerning the breast seen by a Dr. just to be sure.  Take care.....
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