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a lump in my breast

I'm pregnant in my 28th week, I have pain at my left breast near the nipple in the upper side, I checked and I found a lump (round one) and it is under the dark skin around my nipple.
what is this I'm really afraid
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You have to check this out with your doctor, as he/she will be much more knowledgable than any of us and he/she will know if there is anything to worry about, and further testing indicated.

Many strange things happen when you are pregnant; it could even be a milk duct filling up.

As a rule, caner in the breast is not painful.

Yet, you have all my sympathy about being nervous, as I think we would all be, especially while pregnant.

All the best, KATRIN
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Have your OB/GYN check it out tomorrow. Don't be afraid, take control and have it checked out.  I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and am dealing with that. I know the fear you're talking about, but for your baby's health and you own, check it out tomorrow!
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