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about high ferritin levels

i would like to get some information if possible about what can be done about high ferritin levels due to multiple transfusions because of chemotherapy induced anemia. this information is for my mom who has weekly taxol and takes aromasin for her breast cancer which has bone mestasis and possible liver involvement. i have heard of chelation therapy but i don't really know what that is, and also about desfaral (spelling?) but again need more information. her levels were high in the (around 1600-1900 i think) compared to the normal and i don't know if we should be concerned or not. i would appreciate any suggestions or comments with this. thanks in advance.
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Dear Nekoneko, Ferriten is an iron-storing protein made in the liver, spleen, bone marrow, tumor cells, and sites of inflammation. Increased ferriten levels can be due to many causes other than blood transfusions, such as cancer and liver disease.  I ran your questions by one of our hematology/oncology physicians who said if the transfusions continue he might consider using deferoxamine (Desfarel) with each transfusion. Deferoxamine is given as an intravenous (into the vein) infusion.  How it works is by chelating (forming an attachment) to certain iron stores in the body which then can be removed from the blood through the urine and bile.  

You can discuss this with your mother's oncologist who can determine if this may be an appropriate addition to your mother's treatment plan considering the risks and benefits, and how it might effect your mother's overall condition.
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