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hi. i've been to my doctor last, last week and found out that my lump on my left breast preferably on the areolar part was an abscess..they drained the pus, and i went through GSCS..thank God they found no microorganisms, no growth after 7hrs. of incubation, i've taken antibiotics and everything.. But my  worry here is that, the lump appeared again, it's not painful anymore but pus is still present. So, i drained it and applied first aid. Early this morning, i am so worried because I am 16 weeks pregnant too. I haven't been to the doctor. Anyone with the same experience?
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If this has only been a week then it's probably too soon for the full effect of the antibiotics to have taken place. If you have finished the full prescription then I would advise you to return to the Dr. ... it may call for a different antibiotic to solve this problem. Pus would no doubt remain present until the infection is completely eradicated. Ck. with your Dr. again, OK ??    Regards ....
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