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adult male breast lump

I'm a 52 year old man with very little breast tissue. Most of what is there is muscle (I don't have man boobs). Last week i noticed a sore lump right next to my right nipple. It is firm and about the size of a small bean but has grown to the size of a lima bean. It is sore when i first touch it but after a few seconds of massaging it the pain goes away. Any ideas? I do have an appointment for a physical in a couple of weeks.

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If you didn't have an appointment with your Dr. in a couple weeks I would advise you to make one Very Soon. Please make an issue of this lump and request an appointment with a Breast Specialist. This type of finding can be serious in men in your age group .... not that it is, but it definitely deserves some intensive investigation until proven otherwise.   Regards ....
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Hi gustone, it could be any number of things from cysts to ingrown hair to infection to cancer.  I would definitely mention it to your doctor when you go and get it checked out.  They may want to do an ultrasound to see what it is.  
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I'm really concerned because everything I'm reading on the internet points to cancer.  The only thing is that my lump is sore and hard and most sites state that hard with no pain is usually cancer and sore and soft like a grape is not.   No sites mention hard and sore.
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We can't really tell you what it is so you really need to see the doctor and he may know just by feeling it if it's a cyst, it could be anything, maybe infection.  If you look enough on the net you can believe you have many problems.  I have lupus and when I first typed in symptoms I got all sorts of crazy diagnosis, so it really is best to check these forums where people have experienced the problems you have and get an idea of what things could be then go to the doctor so you can get diagnosed and treated.  
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