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I am 28yrs old and have a palpable mass in my left breast the size of a 50 cent piece.It causes me pain and shortness of breath.I sweat perfusley I usually end up changing my shirt mid way of my work shift.I get small lumps under my arms...My doctor has ordered an ultrasound but I was wondering if u could clarify on this so I won't be as ancey while I wait to have that done ,and the results ..Thank u very much I appreciate your time...
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Ordinarily I might say that this could be a cyst or Fibroadenoma since you say that it causes you pain. The other symptoms you describe would not be related to a breast cyst or any other abnormality of the breast however unless the sweating is caused by anxiety or reaction to the pain. Lump pain is very rarely (if ever) associated with breast cancer and the discomfort from a cyst or Fibroadenoma that small wouldn't ordinarily be that severe. Sorry but I can't be of much help; you'll just have to wait for your tests and the results.   Kindest regards ....
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Thank you for sending me the message..I appreciate the fact that u took the time to try to anwser my uestion.U are probably right with the sweating being related to anxiety...This makes me feel alittle better ....Thank u again.....
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