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any medications that can help bone pain

If breast cancer metastasize to bones which causes unbearable pain.. is there any medicine which can ammeliorate the pain as well as cure the condition???
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There is no cure for Stage 4 breast cancer and this would include metastisis to the bones. Bone mets is probably the easiest to manage and control. This is sometimes done with Radiation. Any other type of medication would need to be recommended by the Oncologist.  Regards ....
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Radiation helps with the pain.  My uncle had radiation for pain management and it helped him.  
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A newer treatment that my mother-in-law just got - for bone pain from stage IV breast cancer metastisized to the bone - is bone cementing. I think it is called osteoplasty, but is named for the area - like vertebreplasty (spelling?). It is an outpatient procedure, where the doctor injects bone cement into the sacrum to fill the lesions from the cancer. It is done after the radiation has reduced the size of the tumors. It fills the holes left by the tumors and helps the pain, as well as strengthen the bone. There are not a lot of doctors doing it yet, and her doctor said that treatment for the hip area was being developed as well. She got a referral from her oncologist to an orthopedic surgeon and my husband called around and found one that did the procedure. It really did help her with the pain, and she can move around more now. I believe the doctor said that it inhibits the regrowth of the tumors in the filled areas at least.
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