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appearance of lump under the left nipple

    My father is already 60 years, less than 3 weeks ago a lump appear under his left nipple. the lump is quite big and has not been diagnosed yet in short he hasn't seen a docter yet since the lump appeared.the lump is quite painful when touched but no discharge coming out of the nipple. it is not red or swollen and has no burning feeling in the lump. My father oftenly drink beers and hard drinks and used to eat fatty foods. he also has arthritis and is taking medication for it and pain reliever such as voltaren 50 or 100 mg.when it is painful. Does this also affect the lump or can this be the reason why a lump appeared under his nipple. i to know about this. thanks in advance.
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I am not sure about the reasons why the lump is there - many things can cause problems. He should get to the doctor and have them look at it.  They can do tests to tell if it a cyst (clear) or a lump (solid).  Lumps can be many things and cancer is one of them.  If it is a lump they can do more tests to look at what it is.  If it's on the top of the tissue and skin - you can just have it removed in the office.  Then you will not have to worry about it. Remind him that Breast cancer can also happen to men.

If you want a doctor reply post in the doctor forum.

Good luck.  
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