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beginning of breast cancer

WHEN ALL CAUSES that can trigger breast cancer ARE SUBMITTED, what's that the right is reached and not the left or vice versa, or both?is it heredity?or fate?     thanks
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Hi Bio_as,

If I understand your question, I think you are asking how cancer ends up in the left breast, right breast or both.  I can only give you my opinion, but as a breast cancer survivor I had cancer in both breasts and I believe what cancer ended up in what breast was fate.  I know I have a hereditary component (I'm positive for BRCA2), but as to where it occurs, I think it's fate or chance.

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If we only knew what those "causes" were .... I suppose fate is as good an answer as anything else until proven otherwise. It's my understanding that a greater number do occur on the left. I've heard theories about that one but nothing has been proven as far as I know.
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