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below breast to back pain

I have experienced a PAIN in an area below my breast that wraps around to my back.  The pain last for hours.  My next appointment with my doctor is 30 jan 2012.  I did not have a injury.  What can this possibly be caused by?  Any home treatment to help?

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Hi i do experience the same from time to time,if it is red then it is inflamed!What you can do rub lightly with Arnicare  Cream and use crape bandage.
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From your description the pain would not seem to have anything to do with your breast itself. I would lean more to a muscular issue. I would think that any remedy that you might use for any ache or pain of a muscular nature would be of some help. I see no reason to change your Dr.s appointment .... you could also try whatever over the counter pain medication that you have used before for aches or pains. Regards ...
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