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biopsy pain

I had a breast biopsy over a year ago and have had some pain and soreness. Right now it seems to be more than ever. They did place a titanium pin in the area. I am wondering if this is normal or is this related to my cycle??
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The titanium chip is the size of a "Pinhead" It is not felt or cause any pain and will not "travel" anywhere.It will remain within the breast tissue, in the exact spot it is placed, until surgically removed.
The clip serves as a landmark to identify the area that was biopsied on future mammograms If there's ever a need for surgical removal of more tissue, then the surgeon can use the clip as a bull's-eye marker during surgery.
Breast pain is rarely associated with breast cancer.Many women have breast tenderness and pain called mastalgia.which may occur in one or both breasts and is normally due to hormonal changes.If breast pain is accompanied by lumpiness,like cysts or areas of thickness, the condition is usually called fibrocystic change which has no correlation with breast cancer.
Breast pain could also be caused by oral contraceptive pills,weight gain and perhaps by bras that do not fit properly.
Try to limit your caffeine intake (coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate) and salt.  
Some women have found that regular consumption of the herb, "Evening primrose oil", in liquid or tablet form, reduces breast pain.
Also try to relax. Some breast pain can be caused by stress and may subside by reducing anxiety and tension.
If your pain persists after your menstrual cycle is over,it's advisable to mention it to your doctor for evaluation just to make sure that there is not an underlying problem.
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