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Thank you zouzi for your response. I do have to have a biopsy. My Dr. yesterday said the lump had characteristics of a benign tumor so I am keeping that note in my mind. I am wondering however if it is normal that my biopsi is not until Jan. 6th???? This seems like an awlful lot of time to wait around to get this thing tested....besides the fact that I wish they would just take it all out at that time.  Should I look into another Dr. to see if I can get my biopsy done a little sooner????
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Hi there,
From what I can gather,you already had a mammogram and Ultrasound.If your report had stated that the BIRADS score was 5,I am sure the biopsy would have been scheduled earlier.I don't think that waiting till the new year would change the biopsy results in any way.Odds are in your favor since your doctor said,after viewing your films, that the lump has benign characteristics.For your own peace of mind,you can certainly look for Breast Surgeon or radiologist to perform the biopsy at an earlier date.Wishing you good luck!! Take care...
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