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Hi everybody.I
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Dear sjulia:  A screening mammogram generally takes two views of each breast, one top to bottom and one "sideways."  Diagnostic mammography is an x-ray exam of the breasts that is performed in order to evaluate a breast complaint or abnormality detected by physical exam or routine screening mammography.  Diagnostic mammography is different from screening mammography in that additional views of the breast are usually taken, as opposed to two views typically taken with screening mammography. Thus, diagnostic mammography is usually more time-consuming and costly than screening mammography.  The goal of diagnostic mammography is to pinpoint the exact size and location of breast abnormality.  It is not uncommon for a palpable lump to be absent on mammography film, particularly if the tissue is very dense.  Ultrasounds are best at differentiating between a solid structure and a cystic (fluid-filled) structure.  
It is still possible that the lump you feel is dense tissue or some other benign entity.  There are many reasons why a surgeon may perform a biopsy including, something suspicious, to be certain that there is nothing concerning, to better define the "density," or even to help relieve your mind.  You might benefit from a discussion with your surgeon as to the reason he/she did the biopsy in your case.  If the lump is benign and is not bothering you, it may not be necessary to remove it.
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i'm 43  ive had my my share of manmmos  i had a mammogram and it came back abnormal then i had a ultrasound  that showed a solid mass the doctor did a steriostatic biopsy, results were find. thats the right breast .the left breast he feels a lump  but it doesn't show up on a mammo or a ultrasound that breast is so uncomfortable my right shoulder is very painful at times. i don't know if this has anything to do with it or not it seems like i just cannot find a doctor who cares and will do ther best to find out what's wrong so much is going on with my body from welts that has appeared on every part of my body some look like long scatches like i've been clawed some like  little pimples all kinds of shapes  they come when they  want to  which is pretty much every day i think it is something in the blood but don't know what tests to ask for  can anyone help i have so many  so many symptoms  i just don't know what they mean right now i can just feel the lumps  in my breast and they hurt it feel so full and heavy i do weigh 220 somethings up i just don't know what can anyone help
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The Cleveland Clinic staff only answers the original question, not any of the responses.  You might want to re-post using "Post a Question" to get a response for your questions.  If your doctor gave a diagnosis for the left breast's palpable lump, that would be important information to include.  Also, has your primary doctor diagnosed the cause of the welts or have you seen a dermatologist?  Good luck to you in finding the answers you need!
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