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just wondering how accurate needle aspiration is.  Mine was benign
on the left breast, i also have a lump on right breast but the doc called it a breast lesion what is a lesion?  he wanted to do a biopsy on  that one but i said no, and i dont know why i said no, but now i am mad at myself.  All he wants me to do is keep an eye and watch for any changes and to let him know if there is.  I am 39 years old.  My moms two aunts had breast cancer.
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Dear shelby38,  The results of a biopsy need to be put into context of the other information such as what was being biopsied (i.e. a lump that was felt on physical exam, or an area of concern seen on a mammogram) as to how confident we are as to the accuracy of the results.   The term lesion is a general term and often is used to describing an abnormality on an x-ray or mammogram.  It may also be used as another term to describe a lump.
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If your doc recommended a biopsy, please do it. It's not a big deal in the scope of this disease; they gave me a local anaesthetic and I didn't feel a thing.
I had no palpable lump, just got diagnosed at a 3 yrly mammo that we get in England at some unreal age of 50 yrs. I believe it saved my life, as I had a 2 cm tumour that had spread to my lymph nodes, so had two surgeries, chemo and rads. There is no way of knowing if a lump is malignant unless you have a biopsy - it could be a cyst,fibrocystic breasts et al. Please think long and hard, but ultimately, you have to do it.
Take care,
Liz - a 3 yr breast survivor.
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First of all a lesion is something that shouldn't be there ..... I'm not sure why you would choose NOT to have a biopsy if you have a palpable lump and why in the world would you physician agree with this. Please rethink your decision and have the biopsy. Better safe than sorry.
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Get it checked...now!
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Tuesday I have a biopsy scheduled.  My new doctor suggested stereotactic again, (two on one day done by previous doctor) but I opted for incisional proceedure though I am frightened by it all.  I feel that if they didn't get it done with a needle, they will have a greater chance if by surgery.  My reason for posting, though they feel good chance benign, they don't want to take a chance of waiting for another 6 months as something could go from a localized site to lymph nodes in just that length of time.   Though you have the right to say "no" if you do and it is a problem, you risk having something spread to where it is much more difficult to contain.  Please don't wait.  We are ultimately in charge of our health care.  They will give you something for stress if you need it.  They will give you pain medications.  Please don't let it go.  Breast cancer is a horrible way to die.  My grandmother had two radical mastectomies at a fairly young age, the cancer came back years later, and she chose to die rather than go through another surgery that would have removed her arm.  You don't want that, neigher do I so we both need to do what we must and trust the results to the Lord.
God bless and keep you in His care.
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Thanks to all, I am going to call back the office and see about getting the right breast biopsy.  I wish i would have never had said no to the doctor, but i was not sure how much pain i would be in so i thought the left would be good enough.  I do notice that the right breast is a little different then the left, comparing with the lump. Thanks again.
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Just wanted to let everyone know I came out OK, it is benign. They did a lumpectomy, golf ball size and got all the calcifications, so they are sure. Thank you God, and everyone for your prayers.  God, please help everyone that is posting, that is my prayer. LynneBrooke
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Lynne, I'm glad yours was benign and that they removed it all. Thanks for letting us know. Hope you are healing well, also.
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Have to agree with everyone else.........biopsy will SAVE your life.............
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I hope you get this, can't put anymore posts on the other, and the site is filled for the day.......but I so hope you get this.

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Posted to you above.
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Dear all, I am new here. I was diagnosed "something mildly suspicious" last week and scheduled a core biopsy the day after tommorrow. I strongly feel it is benign besed on many evidences. I was thinking so hard these days. I know a early biopsy could save life, but I am so curious that how many of you had the biopsy done let's say at least 6 months ago, had some follow ups already and found everything good. Could you please give me a reply? I think some doctor set the threshhold too low so that an unnecessary biopsy is suggested, which as far as I know no evidence showed it didn't have side effects. I asked the doctors this question last week. They said, yes, they don't know. I also checked literatures but found few report, whick I think could be the result of lacking control. This made me still thinking of canceling this biopsy and ask for a second opinion. How do you think? (Sorry,I am not good at writing. I am a foreigner, who is now studing biology in CA.)
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