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need advice to relax. my mother ( my world!) had a lump removed yesterday for a biopsy. the doctor said he was 90% sure it was not breast cancer. then she woke up this morning in a lot of pain. we took her too the emergency room and after the doctor examined her he said it was a hematoma(spelling?) and it wasnt life threatening. we were so scared it was a blood clot. now she is home and wrapped in bandages. i cant handle it. i am sure she is fine. she gets the results on tuesday. has anyone had a hematoma? will she be ok? just looking for reassurance/. thank you
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Hematoma is a complication of surgery.  This can occur when hemostasis is not completely controlled.  This can produce pain on the surgical site as a result of pooling of blood and stretching of the surrounding tissue.  Pressure dressing can be applied to help resolve this.  If the hematoma is big, there may be a need to evacuate the blood clots.  Pain reliever may also help relieve her of any pain.  I’m pretty sure your mother will be ok.  
Please do post the result of the biopsy.
Good luck and stay positive.
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