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birads score

what does the birads score determine? and is a 5 any indication of how bad the cancer may be?
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Hi and welcome to our community,

A BI-RADS 5 does not give any indication of how bad a cancer may be, because it doesn't even  mean for sure there IS any cancer, just a finding with a high level of suspicion for being malignant. (We have had members who had a 5 and after biopsy were found not to have cancer.)

BI-RADS is a standardized system used by radiologists to communicate the level of suspicion of their findings:

Category 0 -- Incomplete
Your mammogram or ultrasound didn't give the radiologist enough information to make a clear diagnosis. Don't worry, this may mean that scar tissue from a previous surgery or biopsy may have shown up, or that a lump that is big enough to be easily felt isn't imaging clearly. You will need to have a follow-up image done.

Category 1 -- Normal
There are no suspicious masses or calcifications to report; tissue looks healthy.

Category 2 -- Benign or Negative
Breasts are same size and shape and tissue looks normal. Any cysts, fibroadenomas, or other masses appear benign.

Category 3 -- Probably Benign
There are no suspicious lesions, masses, or calcifications to report, but follow-up to confirm that no cancer exists is recommended. This may be needed if your radiologist does not have your baseline or previous mammogram for comparison.

Category 4 -- Possibly Malignant
There are some suspicious lesions, masses, or calcifications to report; a biopsy is recommended to check the suspicious area.

Category 5 -- Malignant
There are masses with an appearance of cancer. A biopsy is recommended to make an accurate diagnosis.

Category 6 -- Malignant Tissue from a biopsy has been examined and found to be cancerous, and treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation is required.

Please post again, by adding comments to this same thread, if you have any other questions, or just need emotional support.

Best wishes,
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