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boiled armpit

sir im che 23 yr old i have a boiled armpit since college .wat is the best medicene
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Since you have this boil in your armpit for so long and it doesn't seem to get any better, I think that your doctor may need to use surgery to get rid of it.Don't worry, this isn't a big deal. If the boil is large enough or is starting to form into an abscess, your doctor will first numb the boil and the surrounding area and then make a small incision to allow the pus to drain.The incision is then usually packed with gauze and an antiseptic to allow further drainage.
In the meantime,till you see your doctor,use warm damp compresses for 20 minutes three to four times a day as it may help draw the boil out.
Take care....
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Hi again,
On second thought,this lump in your armpit could also be a swollen lymph node that  appeared because of an infection somewhere in the body.
Swollen lymph nodes can take a long time to disappear.
Please have it checked out by your physician,just to make sure.
best wishes..
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what are the medicines best to cure this boiled armpit?
can it cause breats cancer?
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im afraid that it can cause me to die .sir can you please help me?
ive been taking lots of antibiotic medcine just to prevent the pain im feeling now.
my boiled armpit keeps on coming back even if i alredy take some strong mds
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If what you have it's for sure a boil/abscess, that has been in your armipt for so many years,I think that the only way to get rid of it is by having it lanced and drained by your doctor.
I really cannot advise you any further... and since you seem concerned about it, I would urge you to consult your doctor for evaluation to see if this lump is truly a boil, a swollen lymph node or some other benign lump.
Boils do not cause cancer.
Take care...
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Obviously from what you have described in your third post,it sounds like an abscess to me.
Sometimes taking antibiotics is not enough and the abscess needs to be lanced and drained,like I mentioned in my first response to your post.
Please don't think that you are going to die okay?...no one dies because of abscesses or boils.
Hoping that soon you'll have this problem resolved.
Best wishes....
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