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breast biopsy

I am a 30 year old woman.  A few months back my boyfriend felt a tiny lump.  The lump was tiny and pretty hard to see with the guided needle biopsy. However they saw it and I had biopsy done on my left breast a few months ago.  It turned out to be beign and was just something to have to do with the ducts?  Anyway, now months later there is a good size lump there that you can feel just by barely touching it and it is very painful.  Is this something that is common after a needle biopsy?  Or is this something that could be serious that I need to get checked out.  I do have breast cancer in my family history.
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If there's a hardness or stiffness at the biopsy site, what you feel as a lump might
be scar tissue build up... but, I don't remember my scar tissue hurting after I had
my 2 breast biopsies. Sensitive... yes; but not something that I would describe as  
painful. Go ahead and have your doctor check it out.
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It may also be a cyst, they are, or can be very painful.
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