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breast biopsy

I had ask question about a recent core biopsy I had..
I forgot that after the biopsy I had a mammogram and the clip was placed fine and I need a six month follow up with an ultrasound and a mammogram and I have a Birads 3--probably benign findings,my questions is can this fibroadenoma turn to cancer at any time?
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Dear d44:  A fibroadenoma is a benign (non-cancerous) growth. Fibrooadenomas are distinct on a mammogram or ultrasound and when aspirated - no fluid comes out. As long as the doctor is sure it is a fibroadenoma, there is no need to remove the lump. In 50% of the cases fibroadenomas will go away on their own within 5 years. In others, the life of a fibroadenoma is about 15 years. In teenagers - the tendency is not to remove fibroadenomas. In middle age women, the tendency is to remove the fibroadenomas to be sure they are, in fact, fibroadenomas.  So depending on the individual situation, putting the findings in context, a suspected fibroadenoma might be biopsied to be sure of what it is. An ultrasound cannot always make a diagnosis of fibroadenoma with certainty.
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