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breast biopsy

i had a biopsy in the right breast, in the letter it states clinically it was a lipoma but she had ultrasound guided core biopsy which has now shown the lump to be a fibroadenoma b2, does this mean they wasnt sure as to wat it was the letter confuses me
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I see that you have posted several times concerning this same subject. If you would please post all your additional information or questions as comments on the first post so that everything is contained in the same thread it would really be a big help. We need all the information in one place to give the best answers in a timely manner. Both the findings you mention are benign and I'm not quite clear if you had two biopsies or only one. Many times a form letter is sent out initially but you should always rely upon the actual report from the Radiologist or Pathology Lab. The best thing is to discuss any concerns or questions with your treating Physician who has your complete medical history and records.   Regards ....
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Yes, PLEASE  add any additional questions or comments to your original thread, using the link below, as both japdip and I have requested.


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