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breast biopsy

How is it decided that a patient would have a clip marker put in the breast post biopsy?  Do some places always use the markers?
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When you'll have a minimally invasive breast biopsy, such as a core or stereotactic breast biopsy, the standard of care is to place a tiny stainless steel or titanium clip on the spot where the tissue was sampled.
The clip serves as a landmark to identify the area that was biopsied on future mammograms.If there's ever a need for surgical removal of more tissue, then the surgeon can use the clip as a bull's-eye marker during surgery.
The clip will be automatically removed if the surgeon does an open excisional procedure on that area.
The titanium chip is the size of a "Pinhead" It is not felt or cause any pain and will not "travel" anywhere and will not set of any metal detectors.It will remain within the breast tissue, in the exact spot it is placed, until surgically removed.
Some women decide to remove it, or opt not to have these clips placed in their breast for whatever reason,but it will make it harder for a radiologist to read future mammograms.
Ultimately it's your choice.You could discuss with your treating doctor concerning this matter,so that you can be more informed and reassured .
Take care...
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