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breast biopsy

got results of radiostatic(?) result benign, however, radiologist wants me to see surgeon as she thinks she may have missed target....I feel somewhat lucky that tissue taken out was benign....just have to be sure

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I'm not sure what your question is but if the Radiologist is recommending that you see a Breast Surgeon for further evaluation then by all means do so. It is possible to "miss" the area in question on occasion and even though you are pleased with the benign results please follow through with the advice. Regards ....
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Hi again and thanks for the update.
Very glad to know that your biopsy resulted in benign findings.
Seeing a surgeon for more investigation is a good idea just to make sure about the results.Most likely the surgeon will clarify things for you and hopefully confirm that the lump is indeed benign in nature.
I have added below, the link to your previous post,so that other members reading your post,will have all the information in one place, in case they would like to add an additional comment..


P.S. Please,let us know how things are proceeding by using the space below the answer/s you have received.This helps to have all your information together so we can better help you.
Thank you and wishing you all the best...

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