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breast biopsy

During my anual exam, a lump was found in my breast. My PA sent me in for a mamogram, and a ultrasound. After the mamogram was completed I was sent to a second waiting room to wait while a Physician viewed it. After he ordered an additional shot he came back for a conversation, letting me know I would not be needing the previously planned ultrasound and I was to set up an appointment for a biopsy. This preplexed me. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on that situation. It seems to me the ultra sound would only help any futher and deeper views that may be needed before a decicion like that was made.

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No, not necessarily. Evidently whatver was seen on the mammogram was the type of finding that requires a biopsy and no further testing was necessary. The two exams "see" different things . Ultrasound is best to diagnose cysts (fluid filled lesions) but mammogram can "see" clusters of microcalcifications which are not usually documented by Ultrasound. These calcifications most always require a biopsy. As a rule mammogram is first, followed by ultrasound if there is some question as to the abnormal finding. Did the Dr. give you any indication as to what type of abnormality was observed ?? Regards ...
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