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breast-cancer signs

can someome possibly tell me if i have anything to worry about. my moms had breast cancer, and so did her mother,and my dads mother had it too.. and i started developing some of my mothers symptoms, but they seem to have gone away.. im supposed to be getting a mammogram this weekend. i did have some leaking,but it hasnt happened for a little while.. i do still have some weird stabbing pains in both of them,too.. please if anybody has any information on this, please send me some more information on this,, thank you ,
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Pain is rarely associated with breast cancer with the exception of one type where the breast becomes very swollen, hot to the touch and the skin is quite red. It is true that with your family history you may well be at higher risk than normal but that doesn't mean you will actually develop bc. You are wise to have the mammogram ... they are recommended for every woman after the age 40 and even younger with a strong family history. Often breast pain is associated with Fibrocystic Breast Condition which is quite common and is related to the hormone levels within the body. Breast discharge occurs frequently without any particular cause for alarm. Anything new or different involving the breasts should be investigated ... you are doing the right thing ... Regards .....
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PS: Statistically, the risk of bc goes up with age.

I also don't know what kind of symptoms your mother had, but most often when a woman is diagnosed in early stages, there are few symptoms and they are more general.

With the discharge you are describing, even if it went away, I would myself feel alarmed. I didn't have discharge, but still, it's scary, and I would not ignore this just because it went away.

I hope you are OK.  Kat
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Hi there. Roughly 50% of all newly diagnosed breast cancer (bc) happen in women with no known family history of bc.
You are at risk for bc just because you are a woman and because you are getting older. (last I heard, one in seven women get bc)

With your strong family history of bc, you are at even greater risk , yes, for sure.

So make sure you get those mammograms on a regular basis and maybe even additional preventative and diagnostic help.

If caught early, bc is very treatable these days.

I don't mean to scare you but just answer your question.
You may also want to ask on the professional forum.


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