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breast cancer stage 2

my father age 66yrs has been diagnosed infilterating ductal carcinoma Grade 2 on histopathology report..tumour size is 3 cm.no significant lymphnodes on the ultrasound can be seen.can u pls tell me how serious the case is?he had biopsy 5 days back and according to the surgeon the lump is removed from the left breast....but plz can u tell me more of details,if any?
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I am sorry that your father has been diagnosed with breast cancer.This is quite rare in males,but sometimes it happens especially to older men.
Treatment of male breast cancer uses the same modalities as are used to treat females with breast cancer, these may include use of surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, biologic therapy and/or chemotherapy.We cannot give you any specifics regarding treatment because these decisions are based on such factors as stage of disease, tumor characteristics (size of tumor, hormone receptor status, Her2 status), lymph node status etc....  Your father will likely be seen by a medical oncologist who will discuss in details what follow up treatments will be appropriate with his particular situation.
With so much advancement in breast cancer treatment, many cancer patients can beat this dreadful disease and I hope that your father will too.
Best wishes to both you and your father...
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