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breast cancer treatment

I am trying to arrive at a decision regarding ongoing treatment for bi-lateral breast cancer. Stage 1 & Stage 2,ER & PR +,both invasive, - nodes,
bi-lateral mas, chemo, had complete hysterectomy due to BRCA 2 +,

Can anyone tell me what the likely hood of a metastisis in my situation, been told I should take Femara or Tamoxifen for minimum 5 yrs - 10 yrs.

I am not excited about putting more poison into my body if I don't have too.
Can anyone offer me an opinion??

I know the response most likely will be that I should consult with my oncologist, I don't feel I would get an honest answer from the medical community. I think so many things are just standard protocol.

Please advise,

Thank You,
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A woman's risk of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer is greatly increased if she inherits BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation.
When the tumor "stage 2 is ER/ PR positive",drugs like Tamoxifen and others are highly recommended by all oncologist and I do believe that Doctors are very honest when they recommend it because this is the only way to reduce estrogen that could cause a cancer to grow or reoccur .Even when a woman has a total hysterectomy she still has estrogen in her body that is found in muscles and bones,skin etc..
Tamoxifen and similar drugs are for sure not welcomed by so many of us because of their side effects which can be severe for some women, but better tolerated by others.
Every patient is free to choose to accept or refuse any treatment, but I wouldn't risk to have a cancer recurrence by refusing Tamoxifen or any similar drug if I were you.
Please discuss this matter with your Oncologist,there are several drugs that can be used,if one causes you too much trouble then maybe another one will be better tolerated.
I hope that discussing this matter with your Oncologist you'll come up with the right decision concerning your particular case.
Take care....and best wishes.
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What was the HER2 status for each of your breast cancers? Was either one positive?
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