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is there any sense to a pt. w/ stage 3c to undergo treatment?
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Of course there is....Treatment should be aggressive and many survive breast cancer stage 3 C.

Stages 3 c breast cancer  may be treated with a mastectomy, surgery, radiation and/or hormone therapy.
Stage 3 - C cancer of the breast is subdivided into two more classifications to differentiate them better. The two types of stage 3 - C carcinoma differ from each other because one is operable while the other is non - operable.
Operable stage 3 - C breast carcinoma generally occurs when the breast tumor has spread and affected the lymph nodes around the areas of the neck and the below the collarbone.
Inoperable stage 3 - C breast carcinoma on the other hand occurs when the tumor has spread and affected the lymph nodes above the collarbone of the body.
Medical specialists all around the world explains that the five - year breast cancer survival rates of stage 3 - C is around 35%  chance of survival.
Please take note that these statistics are based on years where cancer detection and treatment where not yet advance.
With all the advancement in research and cure for cancer today, cancer survival rates should become higher compared to the statistics last ten years ago.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes...
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but the problem she already have hypoechoic nodule measuring 2.4x2.2cm and ?interstitial lung disease
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Hi again,
I can only say, for what concerns the breast issue,that I am sure that your mother's Surgeon/Oncologist has a specific plan to treat her condition.
I hope your mom has a good prognosis from this and will get through her treatment successfully.
The lung issue,is a different matter that will have to be discussed with her Pneumologist.
In the meantime,you could also post in these two Forums, (regarding lung problems) by clicking on the links below..


All the best to both of you .
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