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I have notice my left breast is bigger then my right is that normal?
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You don't say what is your age,but if you are a teenager,you really shouldn't worry about it,because different sized breasts is perfectly normal and is quite common.Many times,this difference in size will even out, usually by age 20.Every woman is different and no two women's breast will look exactly the same even when fully developed.
Also it's not unusual that women on contraceptive medications or hormone replacement therapy usually experience breasts enlargement which is due to hormonal imbalance,causing swelling in one or both breasts.
However,no matter what your age is,and you have noticed a sudden increase in size in your breast,I think you should see your doctor for a clinical breast exam to check for any underlying problem.I hope this helps, but please seek medical attention if you have any doubt at all okay?
Take care....

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