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breast cancer

I m 28 years old and married also and i have a daughter,
My problem is ,from 2 weeks i feel little bit pain in my left arm,and some time in my left breast but not regularly,some time i feel little bit pain in my right arm,
  i cannt understand that is it cancer or not,i dont know what is the first stage of cancer,my grandmother was also a cancer patient but doctors diagnosis her cancer and remove her breast.
What i do
Is that cancer or anything else
please help me

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Hi there.

I understand your concern.  Cancer can manifest as breast pain, however, breast pain is not tantamount to cancer as it can have other more common causes.  The most common cause of breast pain is cyclical changes brought about by fluctuation in the female hormones throughout the menstrual cycle.  Some women experience heightened breast and nipple pain just before they have menses, then the pain would usually resolve at the onset of menses.  I suggest you take this to your doctor and ask about screening mammograms as well as to have regular physical examination of the breasts.  

Regards and God bless.
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