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breast discharge

In 2005 at the age of 31, I gave birth to my 2nd son (did not breast feed). About 6 months later my nipple became extremely sore. I went to the doctor and she expressed a fairly large amount of infection from it. My nipple and breast looked normal the entire time. So it clears up and a few months later it did it again this time i went on antibotics. Since it has done it twice more. The infection is a thick semi sticky creamy color. I found a lump in the same breast and was referred to a surgeon who removed the lump and a milk gland that was "abnormal". My mammogram prior to surgery came back ok. Now 3 months after surgery it is more inflammed feeling than before the surgery and yesterday very itchy feeling. It is alway in the same breast. I have had fibro. breast disease for years and this soreness is different. Any reasons why I have reoccuring discharge and such breast pain with it?
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Dear horses1016:  Without evaluation, it is not possible for us to speculate on what this may be and why.  Our recommendation is that you might consider seeing a medical breast specialist who can evaluate this for you.  An evaluation would include breast examination, review of the pathology from the surgery, review of the mammogram and analysis of the fluid, if applicable.  Nipple discharge is not uncommon, particularly when the nipple is squeezed.  However, if this is infection, it may require a different management approach.
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