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breast hot spot

I am a 34 yr old woman and i have a hot spot that is next to my nipple and on my left breast if you were to look at me, but from my point of view it is my right breast.  anyways, it is hot to the touch, when i touch it it lightens and it is on the outside of my areola and it is raised a bit like a bite almost..it's the size of a quarter give or take,  is that cancerous.. i actually think i have breast cancer in my blood line..my birth grand mother died of it i think.. i was adopted so i don't have much info to go on. thanks.. i am scared.

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It’s not possible to diagnose anything with certainty over the Internet.This hot spot could be many things like an infected cyst or insect bite or something more serious . Worrying about it, won’t solve the problem…so take my advice and seek medical assistance as soon as you can for evaluation okay?
Best wishes..
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hey, i don't think it is cancerous now..lol i was just freaked out cuz i was obsessing about it and cancer came up when i was searching what it might have been.  i know exactly what it is now, my daughter had one before, it's either a blocked hair root  or a cyst or some sort.. it ***** but i think it will be okay..i still will probably get it checked too though cuz they might have to help me with it ...:<(  ;<(
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Well, I sure hope it’s nothing serious and that it will get better soon, but I don’t think that self-diagnosis  is the way to go to identify any breast problem.
At any rate, if this “hot spot” persist, please have it evaluated and if it’s nothing ,so much the better and you’ll have peace of mind.
I wish you well…
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