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breast implants?

Heard "gummy bear implants better and only available in Canada?" Is this true?
Read Memory Gel info. Have to have MRI's to check for "silent rupture" EVERY 2-3 years.You get rid of mammograms every single year just to replace them with MRI's that often?  Do woman read the fine print? Not a life long device! Have to have replaced every 7-10 years. Insurance doesnt cover the MRI's after a awhile. Statistic I read was 2/3 replaced by year 7 in all woman who get them? Do they cover a surgery once you chose the first decision if something goes wrong? My PS said she has "scraped silicon out of many breasts." I am leaning toward cancelling my reconstruction part of my double mastectomy? Am so confused. Surgeons didnt spend enough time answering questions. Why do we have to find this stuff out ourselves. Dr's should hire a R.N Educator to just teach, advise and educate those that are newly diagnosed. ME!
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Since you still have many unanswered questions about the procedure you are apparently sheduled for, and its aftermath, I would suggest you schedule another appt. with your plastic surgeon, who would be the best source of the information you are seeking.

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Just to add my 2 cents worth ..... IF you have that many questions you should either ASK at another appointment with your current Plastic Surgeon OR cancel your procedure and seek a second opinon from another Plastic Surgeon. To get the answers we need regarding any type of health care ... we need to ASK the Dr. when they are in the room ... write them down at home if you need to and read them off from the notes you make. You should NEVER undergo any procedure until you understand completely everything about the procedure itself and what to expect during the post-op period.   Best wishes for a successful reconstruction, whatever you decide.  
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