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breast indentation line ANY ADVICE PLEASE

When i raise my arm over my head i have a long line that going doewn my breast and around the bottom of my aereola. I have had a breast exam with doctor (waiting on ultrasound) she couldnt feel anything but sending me for ultrasound to be safe. I have also have my full blood tests done and guess im wondering if i did have anything wrong in the breast would my bloods still have come back normal. guess im just anxious and now with the corona virus and being on lockdown im not sure how long i have to wait for appiontment
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Gosh, this is hard to say.  You are wise to have sought help and guidance from your doctor and it sounds like they are being thorough. The ultrasound will be helpful in alleviating concern, I hope!  When do you get the results? Was this just basic blood work you had done or did they do a marker test for breast cancer via blood?
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Hi there, As you were physically examined by your doctor and she/he must have taken a detailed history as well. I hope there will be nothing serious and hope your ultrasound results will be normal too.
Fibrous tissue can also cause indentation by damaging or engulfing the ligaments of cooper in the breast which attach the underlying tissue of the breast to the overlying skin. This can be due to aging, breastfeeding, excessive stress or pull on the breast such as during an activity like sports or running, obesity, etc.
Best wishes!
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I hope you come back and update us.  We're worried about you.  
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