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breast injury
i had a huge tree branch (several hundred lbs-ugg) fall right on my breast. Very swollen and painful lump at point of impact. Went to doctor hoping for anti-inflammatory but she wants me to get a mammo (altho said it does not present as cancer). I can't fathom the pain so do not want to go. Swelling already going down. Any recommendations as to what lump is and how to speed healing?

thank you
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If the tree branch fell on you just lately, the lump could be a large hematoma (bruise). Like a bruise or "black and blue" anywhere else in your body, it can take a long time for the blood that has leaked into tissues to break down and be reabsorbed by the body.

Since your breast is so painful, perhaps you could ask your doctor whether she could order an ultrasound instead of a mammo as a first step, if she feels imaging is needed at this point? (This would require much less pressure that a mammo.)

If it had been a long time (months) since the tree branch injury, she may want to do further evaluation to make sure the lump is actually related to the injury, not just a coincidence. In that case some imaging would be in order, so that something important is not missed.

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