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breast lump and discharge

I went to the Dr today and i talked to my Dr about a lump i found i explained to him that i had yellow and clear discharge that came out. And my breast is very sore.  The creamy yellow discharge came out first then it was a pearl like color discharge after the creamy yellow discharge.
I am 34 years old and in have not hit menopause yet. And i am not pregnant.

I found lumps the other day after my shower i was examining my breast and found it that caught my attention to go to the Dr.

I am a mother and i already had kids in 2001 and 2003 my youngest is 9 and my oldest is 11 my second baby i lactated until she was 5 and a half and i thought it was supposed to dry up the milk glands.

She is 9 now and i am noticing a lot of discharge coming out. The Dr gave me a prescription for antibiotics for infection if there is any and i am scheduled for a  referral to see a specialist and to get a mama gram done.
Because of the lumps it is very sore the Dr automatically felt where the lumps are  he thinks that it is a gland that did not close up when i had my last child because i did not breast feed.

I want to know what tests should i ask for to the Dr they are scheduling me testing for this coming Wednesday. I like to ask all the questions possible. I am scared because i am not sure if the lump is a milk gland or if it is cancer's lump. He was saying infection possible then he was saying he wants to test to see if it is a Benign Breast Lumps. The Dr explained to me what it could be and he said  it could be changes  called Fibrocystic changes.

He also said it could be Fibroadenomas  or it could be a  Simple Cysts. He explained that the test he wants to preform costs around 250.00 with out insurance and it  can be costly for more testing. I have insurance but what i  am worried about is what kind of testing will they do if i ask them for a certain test will they preform it or do i have to let them do all the testing if possible.

I like to know what i can ask for in testing and will it hurt. He was saying about a mama gram and a machine that will test but pressure will be made on the breast that is what i am scared of is testing that has to take my boob and hurt it. It is painful right now and i am scared but my spouse is telling me it is going to be OK. If any one knows about lumps i like to get some input on what i can ask the Dr when it comes to testing on Wednesday i have to get a consult after my tests are done and they are signing me a referral for Wednesday.
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I see no reason why you should be even thinking about what type of test to "ask for" ... you seem to have a very good, qualified Physician who is ordering whatever test he/she feels is appropriate for your particular complaint. You have also received a perfectly logical explanation as to what may be the cause of your symptoms. What you need to do is follow your Dr.s advice and have the test that has or will be ordered. I know of no reason for a patient to ask for a test when their Physician is in charge of their care. If you do not have confidence in your Dr. then see someone else but second guessing your Physician is not usually a good idea. Incidently, breast discharge is NOT unusual and is rarely something to be concerned about. I hope that you haven't been squeezing the breast as this will often produce some type of discharge. Regards ....
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I am basically scared. I am scared because my grandmother died of Breast cancer at the age of 60 i was little when she died. I am not questioning the Dr.
I want to be sure i do not have to get tests that i do not need the cost of the testing is what worries me and also i am scared.

I have insurance but the outer cost is what scares me as well.I can't afford a lot and i am living pay check to pay check one illness can cost me right into the poor house.

What concerns me is what if i know i am not supposed to think like that but i am scared i told the Dr about the lumps i found.

The Dr. gave me a concerned look  the day i was in at the office and told me what the causes were what scares me is this if it is a cyst and it can be removed is there going to be another one.

My aunt who is a surviving breast cancer survivor told me there is different test i wanted to know what other kinds are out there to test to see what kind of cyst it is.

No i am not squeezing the breast but the pain is horrible the under neath the breast and the nipple  the lumps were found.  The Dr gave me some antibiotics for  10 days taking 2 times a day.In case of any infection. Because of the history in my family of cancer is what scares me the most i am not saying anything until i know i do not want to scare my family but  japdip i am scared. My aunt on my moms side said our family has a history of cancer and having a cyst is scary because it could be something to really worry about.

My family Dr is a good Dr. But i have some doubts i wish it was not so hard for me not to be scared but to be honest it is not easy for me to not to worry.

I will follow the Dr's recommendations but i was told by my aunt to talk to another Dr as well. A second opinion.

I will do that if i feel it is not what i was hoping. My insurance i have is a PPO so my options are limited on what i can do with second opinion and referrals.

Thanks for responding to my post but the worrying is what is getting to me the most.
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There is not much I can do or say about your worrying .. we all worry when something seems to be going on that isn't normal. That part you're going to have to get a handle on yourself and I know how hard that is to do. As far as a cyst goes ... a cyst is a cyst and that's about the only thing that can be said about it ... if it is fluid filled then it can be drained or removed but although I wouldn't state it as "coming back" ... more may develop and this is also true of Fibroadenomas. Fibrocystic Breast Condition effects nearly half of all women and both cysts and fibroadenomas are more likely to develop in these women. Often cysts are connected to hormone levels in the body. Women who are subject to many cysts are often advised to cut back or eliminate the intake of caffeine in the diet. After you scheduled testing is plenty of time to see a Specialist so that he/she will have something to relate to your present complaints. To seek a second opinion now would be useless since you haven't really received the First opinion yet. The Radiologist will have some recommendations as far as any further testing that may be needed. Unnecessary testing isn't done these days ... only when a conclusion can't be reached is some additional testing advised. It's a step by step process and it's best to follow that path. Getting ahead of the process is when you would be wasting money as well as time and resources. Take care and try to cut back on the "worry" and thinking too far ahead.   Regards ....
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I'm a little surprised by the frequency of antibiotics.  I guess when I've been on antibiotics it has always been three times a day for x many days.

The fear is normal.  Your family history won't be helping much in that department.  I guess it would automatically make a person jump to the conclusion that their situation is similar.

Testing?  I would have the mammogram and also ask for an ultrasound.  They are usually standard tests.  An ultrasound is good in women who are younger and who have denser breast tissue.

I think that you should talk to your family.  They of all people will be able to understand what you are going through (regardless of what it is).

If your breasts are sore/ tender then likely a mammogram will hurt or be a little uncomfortable.  I think that any pain to have answers would be worth it.  With any luck the anitibiotics will be working by then and the pain should be minimised (if it is an infection).  Pain is often a symptom of infection.

If you are concerned about the mammogram could you take your husband along with you for support?

Good luck with your test/s.
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Thank you for the comment. I will talk to my parents and family about what i said in my blog about my concern.  I been on the antibiotics and i go for a ultrasound this coming Wednesday they said that i will be getting this first and when i get this done  they said he will see the results and go from there he was also saying he wants to do a mammogram as well.

He has me on 2 times a day on the antibiotics for 10 days. But i am also taking Motrin for the pain as well so it is helping i been tired from the antibiotics and i believe that is normal. The only concern is the side effects i was sick from the antibiotics but i think it is  normal because i have to get used to taking it and he gave me a good size amount until it is gone i was told to take it until it is completely gone the on.

Jaquta thing is that the discharge is coming out and it is sore. but i am not completely done with the medication i am using right now but i figure the body needs to adjust to the medication.I am not touching or messing with the breast it hurts to much to even touch it.

But the lumps are hard pea sized lumps so if they do have to remove it i am worried about the scaring as well.

But i will wait and be patient and not get scared but it is so hard not to think about it but i am.  But who knows it could be nothing i might be worried over nothing but again maybe not. But as for me not to worry i am trying not to.

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Thanks for the information i am trying not to worry and be scared once this ultra sound is over with and the Dr reviews the results i will know what to do next in the mean time until Wednesday i will be on a jumpy side. Because of the history of cancer in my family i will be also talking with my parents and my relatives as well  to get some kind of understanding and a handle of what i need to know and understand.

Thanks for your responses  and i will try not to worry.
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Sounds like you are on the right track and this is a good thing. No matter what the problem IS or ISN'T there will be more waiting ... most women say the waiting is the worst of all but these tests, results, etc. do take some time. With your family history I would be "jumpy" too so you are having a normal response to a problem of this nature.
I'll be waiting to hear the results of the ultrasound on wed. .. the Radiologist may speak to you after or during the test but the final report may take a few days to reach your Dr. who will explain it all to you in detail. Keep up the good work now and keep us posted.  Regards .....
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I will  keep you all posted. I just wish i was not so darn jumpy but with the history of cancer in my family i been on edge but i will keep you posted of what happens.
Thank you..
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It is common for an ultrasound to follow a mammogram, especially in younger women.

Fatigue could also be due to the stress and anxiety and infection (?cancer) and pain.  Pain can be incredibly draining and adds to ones vulnerability.

It's perfectly normal to be asked to complete a full course of antibiotics.  It's a bit surprising that you've had to wait so long for the tests given the amount of pain you're in.
I remember the pain I had when I had a breast abscess and it was excruciating.  My breast burst and to be honest it felt so much better.
Pain is frequently associated with inflammation and infection.

I don't have a lot of knowledge about the breast and breast problems.
You will have more conclusive answers after the tests on Wednesday.
The lumps may just be nodes trying to deal with the infection.  Don't know.  Not sure if that is even plausible.

It's normal to be worried and to feel scared.

I would try and distract yourself by doing things that you enjoy or that take your mind off the up-coming tests.  I find that keeping busy, or participating, helps.  Talking or writing can also help vent and relieve some of that pent up emotion.  It can also help you to better process what is going on.

Take care and good luck for Wednesday.
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