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breast lump

just been to doc yesterday for check up have painful cyclial left breast pain she checked breasts and said i have a mobile solid lump...i'm booked in for triple assesment on wednesday...mammogram, ultrasound , consultant and possibly biopsy....has anyone been told they have mobile solid lump and what is that......
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First of all,pain is rarely associated with breast cancer..but the lump found by your doctor,has to be tested to check if it's fluid filled or not.. If the lump is a fluid-filled cyst,the radiologist will try to aspirate it with a fine needle to remove the fluid which usually makes the lump disappear. If no fluid is found, the lump is not a cyst and whatever material is aspirated is sent to the laboratory for analysis.Best wishes.
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if a biopsy is taken how long for results...
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Mine always took a week from biopsy to paper in my hand. Best wishes :)
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In general, biopsy results take about a week.  If, for some reason, it is not straight forward, it could take longer to have others review it.  You might call the doctor who did the biopsy and ask if he/she can call to check on the results.Each institution would differ in the length of time between biopsy and the report reaching your  doctors.We all know how nerve wrecking the wait is,but there is nothing we can do about it.Wishing you a BENIGN finding and GOOD LUCK !!
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