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breast lump

i found a tender lump in july, i went to the dr--she couldn't feel it but ordered an ultrasound, the u/s was normal. the lump hasn't gone away. i saw another dr on the 12th of this month who said he could feel it and referred to it as a cyst--i had another u/s which was normal. since my appt on the 12th the area has been very tender. during the u/s i didn't have any pain. the u/s was done on the 13th. what's going on? if something can be felt shouldn't it show on an u/s? PS i'm only an A cup so there's not alot of tissue to scan thru.
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Not all palpable masses will appear on an ultrasound or mammogram.  Each test has it's limitations and what it can pick up.  For example, an ultrasound is better at differentiating between a mass that is solid or fluid filled.  A solid mass on ultrasound may not show up.  On mammogram certain characteristics can show up such as microcalcifications, or a density, but it too has its limitations.If you are too concerned about this lump,ask your doctor,who has the all the details about your case, to consider if a biopsy would be necessary to find out the nature of this lump.Best wishes .
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thanks, i am planning to call my doc next week.
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